Radius Blowback Rig Custom Bundle


The 'Blowback Rig' is a widely used presentation incorporating a small rig ring tied to the hair that can slide along the shank of the hook. The rig is a variation on the standard 'Hair Rig', but with the use of a rig ring the thinking was that when the bait is sucked into the carps mouth the hook would follow, but upon attempted ejection the bait would be blown along the shank allowing the hook to remain in position within the mouth and catch hold.


The 'Blowback Rig' is a go to rig for a lot of the most respected anglers in the game, and is responsible for banking some of the finest carp around the globe.


What's Included:

- 10 x Hooks (Curve Shank 6/4 or Wide Gape 6/4)

- 10 x Kicker Sleeves

- 10 x Rig Rings

- 200 x Dumbell Bait Stops


Blowback Rig Custom Bundle